Your NEXT STEP Can Be a Breakthrough

Have you postponed or given up on the life you desire?

Is your organization changing and becoming so complex that no one can catch their breath?

There are simple, proven and powerful tools and principles that have been used by thousands of individuals and organizations around the world to achieve breakthroughs in personal success and organizational performance.

Isn't it time for YOUR breakthrough?

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It is no secret that organizations are changing in ways that place new demands on people:

  • Decentralized and accelerated decision-making
  • Cross-functional and virtual work teams
  • Increased emphasis on personal initiative and accountability
  • Communication with greater numbers of individuals who have different styles

So what is needed in these times of ever-increasing complexity?

A breakthrough in your leadership capacity to develop others to be:

  • Self-generating
  • Accountable
  • Extraordinarily productive
  • Empowering

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"It's time to start living the life you've imagined" -Henry James

What would it be like if

  • Who You Are
  • What You Value and
  • What You Are Passionate About

Defined Your Life?

Who You Are:
Your authentic self, apart from the drama and doubts that sometimes surround your life.

What You Are Passionate About:
Discovering Your Most Meaningful Goals and Dreams and not giving up on them.

What You Value:
Creating Your Own Definition of Success, What You want to be Known for.

Define Your Life:
Focusing your Energy and Achieving Goals that Bring you Joy, Satisfaction, Meaning and Gratitude.

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Breakthrough Exercise

Do You Ever Just "THINK" Yourself Right Out of What You Really Want?

Have you had a goal or a vision that you were all excited about… that you gave up on?

You can thank Monkey Mind for that.

Monkey Mind is the inner, self-limiting dialogue that is full of criticism, judgments, self doubt, and “what ifs” that will stop you dead in your tracks.

Monkey Mind's job is to keep you right where you it tells you convincing stories to talk you out of changing, growing and going for your goals.

What does your Monkey Mind tell you?

What could you accomplish if your Monkey Mind wasn’t in charge?

Discover YOUR show-stopping Monkey Mind stories and learn how to co-exist with your Monkey Mind AND reach your exciting goals.

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What Our Clients Say About Working With Us...

““My wife and I attended the Peace in Relationships workshop and are grateful that we did. As a couple who are newly retired, this workshop gave us a wonderful opportunity to step back and look at ourselves, each other and our relationship from a fresh perspective. Applying the powerful insights and tools that we learned in this workshop has helped us create a state of mutual harmony. I thoroughly enjoyed this workshop and highly recommend it!”
–Frank DeMartini”

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